One of the important parts of any construction project is the pre-visualization. You may ask why, well the more you can understand the project in the design phase, the cheaper and better quality the final product will be. The visualization of the architectural project is much more than just few pretty pictures for your brochure or website, it really gives you the inside knowledge of the different phases in your construction, helping you eliminate early the potential problems or flaws in the design. Here are the steps we usually take to provide you with the best service available.


This is the first step towards a real visual representation of your design. The most important part of the process to get the right information in front of you, that can help you make better decisions for the project, both saving you time and money in the process. We can do a rough modeling for infrastructure projects, or as detailed as modeling the ornaments on your front door, it’s up to you.


Second step is to give you the realistic look of the materials used in your construction, so we take the textures that you or your architect chose and apply them to the models we create in the first step, making it possible for you to make crucial decisions for the final look of the finished product even before you start the construction.


To get the realistic look, in various lighting conditions we can determine the real world light and apply it to your 3d model and you can see the interaction of light and texture to create the final look of the model. We also offer a sun/shadow studies that can help you in determining various aspects of the constructing (from windows placement, to construction of pergolas, shades, etc) that will also benefit greatly the design and give you an idea about the energy efficiency and savings.


Step four is usually the need to showcase your future project, so whether is a collection of still renderings or an animation, we offer you the best photographic/cinematic experience on the market for you to get the best final porduct.


The final step is to get the renderings that best sooth your project preference and usually we can make some post production, final touches to put the 3d model on location of your choice, or to simply put the cinematic video together for your investor/client or your self!