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Branding and Corporate Design

Some people think that traditional branding design is becoming irrelevant in the age of social networking, new media, and the “personal brand.” But large, corporate brand strategies cost millions of dollars to create, and no CEO would ever spend that much money on something that yielded no results or dividends.

Samples of our logo designs:

Because companies work so hard to make them ubiquitous. Big brands spend billions in advertising every year to make sure you never forget about them. But if they stopped doing that, you would see their market share go way down. The truth is that brands are always communicating a message. Whether it’s Coca-Cola or Joe’s Shoe Store down the street. Branding is about building relationships that the everyday person doesn’t even realize have been made. Ever get a jingle stuck in your head from some commercial, or unconsciously gravitate toward a particular brand of some item at the store? That’s the power of branding at work.

Brand design is important to the success of a business, for the little guys as well as the big players.